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Eiffelgres technical features of the materials in PDF format

Eiffelgres materials are not afraid of comparison with natural stone: Eiffelgres technical ceramics represent the meeting point between porcelain stoneware produced by industrial methods and the naturalness of quarried stone.
The technical properties of porcelain stoneware guarantee high performance for the material, one of the reasons why it is also known as technical porcelain stoneware. It offers the perfect solution for architects and designers: a floor and wall covering material that is safe, strong, environmentally compatible and of high aesthetic value.
Making millions of years go by in a few instants. This is our primary goal:  recreating the extraordinary and natural beauty of matter. Our second goal is asking technology to do the opposite of what it normally does, that is, to generate the random expressive features characteristic of natural materials.
We have achieved these two goals thanks to tenacious research and experimentation in the laboratories of the Eiffelgres plant in Viano di Reggio Emilia: the most advanced producer of “technical porcelain stoneware” in the world today.

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