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Raised floors

Technical compartments for routing the wiring of distribution, transmission and automation networks are fast becoming a necessity in contemporary homes and workplaces, thus raised floors are an extremely functional and stylish solution to this sort of problem. Moreover, Eiffelgres ceramic slabs are the ideal materials for this sort of flooring.

Raised floors, or floating floors, consist of a metal bearing structure formed by posts, cross-members and seals, which create a 7-8 cm space underneath the actual floor surface. This space can be used in a much more rational way, while modifications and additions to the plant installed are much less expensive and quicker to carry out than they would be with a conventional floor. Electrical systems, telephone and computer networks are much easier to service because the work only involves single panels, without having to interfere with the adjacent ones.

Raised floors are simple to build: the various components are dry-mounted and disassembled without adhesives. Moreover, remarkable energy savings are achieved as the floor is thermally insulated from the ground. Not forgetting that designers can give full vent to all their creative flair. These floors are now widely used for heavily trafficked places, like business centres, offices, public places and shops. But they are also the ideal choice when old buildings need to be refurbished in historic centres as they can be installed on top of already existing floors.

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