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We welcome your suggestions

SUGGERIMENTO [sug-ge-ri-mén-to] s.m., suggestion

The term refers to a recommendation, a proposal indicating to someone how they ought to behave, what they ought to do or say.
We have read your suggestions and much appreciated advice for a whole year, and now we wish to share with you the results of our collection of suggestions.
We want you to participate in our world, which is your world too, because as we said at the beginning of our voyage together, the consumer is the focus of our attention, and we want to build our future on the basis of your responses.
We considered your aesthetic preferences for choosing floor and wall covering materials, and discovered that every style has a code of its own, interpreted in the EiffellGres collections through variations in colour (an essential factor in your choices), surface finishes and textures.
But you also told us that appearance is nothing without technical quality; we make too many compromises these days in terms of the amount of time we dedicate to things and the sacrifices we make, and so we demand materials which are easy to maintain and long-lasting.
There are natural alternatives, as you have explained to us, and wood is your favourite, but it doesn’t offer the same technical dependability and ability to withstand time, and so you have asked us for more technological know-how, and as the product in question is a man-made industrial product, why not make it in a sustainable way, to protect nature.
You found out for yourselves that the material is innovative, primarily from the internet, consulting various manufacturers’ proposals, but above all your own design choices, whether they are virtuous expressions of residential or commercial architecture.
You liked our collections, you still like them and you will continue to like them because they are your own collections.
They are products created in response to the demands of a market made up of needs and desires: your needs, and your desires.
Our laboratories aim to satisfy this market, learning from the beauty that surrounds us and seeking to create added value through the technique that has always characterised the history of man’s presence on earth.
Thank you!

Floor and wall tiling materials: what is your style?

  • A Classic: the timeless fashion of a natural look
  • B Minimal: one characteristic above all - sobriety
  • C Design: inspired by contemporary trends

What criterion guides your choice of a product?

  • A Colour: colours underline spaces.
  • B Finish: glossy, natural, matt. Material is made of light.
  • C Texture: different textures, motion on the surface, three-dimensionality, character.

What do you demand of a porcelain stoneware floor?

  • A A natural look with high-tech performance
  • B An easily cleaned, long-lasting surface
  • C Flexibility of design for contemporary spaces

Which is the best alternative to a porcelain stoneware floor?

  • A parquet: natural, warm, timeless
  • B cement and/or resin: definitely a contemporary choice
  • C marble: a true classic

How important are environmental certifications to you when choosing porcelain stoneware?

  • A Not important
  • B Quite important, but not essential
  • C I only use materials with environmental certification

Through which channels do you obtain information on floor and wall covering materials?

  • A By going to trade fairs or resellers
  • B By visiting different producers’ websites
  • C By consulting architecture and decoration magazines and publications

Which of the following statements best describes porcelain stoneware?

  • A It’s an innovative material
  • B It’s a sustainable material
  • C It’s a prestigious material

Which of these materials would you recommend for the floor in a shopping centre?

  • A resin
  • B stone
  • C porcelain stoneware

Which of the following materials is best suited to a residential project?

  • A porcelain stoneware
  • B wood
  • C enamelled ceramics