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Production of floor and wall tiles made of technical porcelain stoneware

Eiffelgres, GranitiFiandre Spa division for production and sale of solid porcelain stoneware slabs, was set-up in 2001 and soon established an important niche for itself in the international market for quality architecture and building materials.


Eiffelgres is not only a pioneering enterprise when it comes to the quality of its products, but especially for its commitment towards sustainable economic growth and protection of the environment, policies that are guaranteed by the certifications it has obtained.
For instance, the ISO 14001 standard establishes how an efficient environmental management system should be developed, one that actively contributes towards safeguarding the territory, its natural resources and using them to advantage, while guaranteeing sustainable industrial practices.
Then there's ANAB certification, which defines the eco-label quality index and attests to environmental compatibility and safety for man's health.

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New collection MM_ALCHEMY

A new addition to the MEGAMICRO family, is presented: MM_ALCHEMY available in tree different colours – ALCHEMY_COKE, ALCHEMY_CINDER and ALCHEMY_RUST – for floors and walls in homes and commercial spaces, its large size reduces the presence of grouting to create a uniform surface. [...]