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Eiffelgres collections: beauty, quality and strength

Re-create the extraordinary and natural beauty of matter, as though millions of years had flashed by in just a few instants. And mould technology so that it might produce the expressive fortuitousness that previously only nature knew how to generate. Thus Eiffelgres took up the challenge of time by proposing a production process able to create industrial stone products with superior technical properties combined with the undeniable fascination of quarry materials. Eiffelgres technical porcelain stoneware tiles are not merely reminiscent of the march of time, as in nature. They go much further. Because they never lose their remarkable resistance to abrasion, to flexure, frost and chemicals while maintaining all their refined and incomparable beauty.

Natural veining, products that are always readily available and fade-free quality make Eiffelgres industrial stone materials an advantageous and convenient choice for floors and wall cladding of all kinds. Moreover, the vast range of colours and finishes can satisfy the demands of modern bio-architecture in the best possible way. Both in residential environments, where the desire for individuality of style and customizing is most greatly expressed and in shopping malls, where technical functionality and an attractive appearance are equally important. Because besides transmitting an image, floor and wall cladding must also be strong and durable. Thus in community areas, where comfortable surroundings, safety, well-being and practical cleaning are fundamental requirements.