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Quarry cut


Interview with architect Alberto Apostoli

Interview with architect Alberto Apostoli , on the project in which Eiffelgres participated in SPADESIGN 2009 at the Temporary Museum for New Design during the 2009 Fuorisalone.
"This is the installation we proposed at the Fuorisalone event in Milan this year: an installation interpreting a home spa, and therefore a concept linked with both the home and wellness. The room is entirely custom-made, apart from a few important elements linked with the bathroom. Custom-made means that we attempted to bring together everything that we consider part of wellness in the home in a single design, in a single stylistic key. The whole suite which we exhibited included a kitchen with chromotherapy, and a large structured area combining a dining area with bedrooms, using plenty of multimedia facilities and RGB lights. Of particular interest is use of ceramic material: fine porcelain stoneware, allowing us to create a specially designed structure and coating of dramatic effect on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and above all combine it with what we had in mind: the ability to be moulded, formed, laid and, above all, cut in response to particular requirements. This material made all this possible. Not all ceramic materials and not all companies do this. The company we chose, Eiffelgres, had the experience and product positioning to allow us to come up with something truly unique. The material we used has one important property which was one of the features I was looking for in a product of this kind: the ability to take on different forms and formats, the ability to have different finishes with the same colour ceramic product. This allows us to play with surfaces, materials and formats indifferently, seeking to achieve sensorial, tactile and emotional differences with the same colour."