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Arch. Mauro Bellei – SENSIBLE – part. 2

Close observation of two particular themes and their subsequent superimposition gives rise to the textures distinguishing the Sensible collection. The Sign surface is inspired by the geometry of a very precise form of artistic expression linked with conceptual use of pure sign, which in the case of Sensible Sign lightly etches the surfaces to create distinct perceptive readings which vary depending on the origin of the light and the observer’s point of view. In Sensible Rise, wiry forms emerge out of the depths, like the roots of certain plants that come up out of the earth, or an object rising up to the surface of the water: only a part of either is visible.
With Sensible, Eiffelgres turns to the most various and curious products of nature, reinterpreting them in the vocabulary of art. With technology it then manages to mould the ideas, sensations and impressions of matter.
The tiles in the Sensible collection, expressly oriented toward dialogue with contemporary architecture, are made with selected earths and minerals, skilfully dosed and mixed, offered in the sizes 90x60, 90x30, 90x15, 60x60 and 60x30 cm, 11 mm thick, with a single gauge, squared-off and ground, with three surface finishes: Sign, Rise, Bushhammered.
Sensible combines excellent aesthetic quality, achieved using pure selected blends, with ultra-high technical performance thanks to advanced industrial processes and careful controls.
The entire collection, in six colours and three surface finishes, is perfectly suited to creation of floor and wall coverings for both residential and commercial settings or for public places requiring not only high aesthetic quality but top technical performance, meaning dependability and safety.