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The Eiffelgres General Catalogue 2008 - An architectural work that speaks the same language as architects and interior designers

A return to the roots of materials to establish a deeper dialogue with interior designers and architects: this is the main objective of the Eiffelgres General Catalogue, which has been available since February 2008.

This explains why the publication opens with such interesting artistic works as "slabs in movement that lend themselves to different scenarios," explains Carlo Ravazzini, managing director of Eiffelgres. To underscore the contents he adds: "The deconstruction illustrated is visible in even fragments, but becomes functional upon the subsequent construction of light, ethereal compositions pregnant with meaning. The end result is no longer locked within itself, but leaves scope for interaction which links seemingly distant multiple layers of reality. It is almost as though nature and urban craftsmanship were driven by a dynamic common core, bringing surfaces to life and causing them to vibrate like a sensitive skin."

This is a veritable architectural work that starts with the front cover, designed to interact with architects and interior designers, the brand's main targets. This novelty by Eiffelgres will soon attract attention by virtue of the innovative concept with which the entire publication is imbued. One peculiar characteristic is the acid green that catches the eye as one looks through the catalogue - the brand colour and distinguishing feature - used to draw the reader's attention to pivotal elements of information.

The focal point of the proposals of the new Eiffelgres General Catalogue for 2008 lies in the principles of Bioarchitecture and the use of biocompatible, renewable and recyclable raw materials and ones that can be broken down as documented by certification received by the company and featured in the back of catalogue.