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Eiffelgres wins an award at the Grand Ouest

Another success story for Eiffelgres. At the Grand Ouest held in Brest, in Breton, France, May 30 through June 1, the Iris Group division won a trophy for the most attractive documentation.
This is the fourth time that Eiffelgres has participated in Grand Ouest, a seminar on interior architecture organised every year by the architects¿ associations of various different regions of western France: Bretagne, Normandie, Pays de Loire et Vandée, Centre.
The interior architects choose thirty event partners, suppliers of decorating materials (lighting, taps, furniture, kitchens, ceramics, wood, carpeting, bathroom fixtures).

At the most recent Grand Ouest Eiffelgres exhibited its large format tiles, laser decorations and decorations on grids, completed with promotional and technical documentation on the products. The Italian company won one of the three prizes awarded by a panel of forty architects present at the show.
Thanks to constant renewal of its product catalogue with technical and aesthetic solutions permitting extension of dialogue with architects all over the world, Eiffelgres boasts prestigious references in France, primarily but not solely in the large-scale distribution sector.

To continue offering architects, decorators and designers its support, Eiffelgres has set up a wide-ranging network covering all of France, focusing on distribution through specialists in supplies for large-scale construction projects. And Eiffelgres products have passed the strict environmental testing requirements of the French Ministry of the Interior, qualifying the company as a supplier for construction of military buildings in Paris.
The quality factor reinforces the company's privileged relationship with architects, who have a guarantee of finding the same qualities in all Eiffelgres materials and therefore continue to expand on the variety of applications for the company¿s products, finding new opportunities and methods for using them.