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The latest Eiffelgres projects in France
confirm a dialogue based on aesthetic appeal and quality

It is thanks to the constant revision of its catalogue in terms of both technical and aesthetic content with a view to continuing its stream of dialogue with the world's architects that Eiffelgres is able to vaunt such prestigious projects in France, particularly in the large-scale distribution sector.

The products manufactured at the Eiffelgres Viano plant have been introduced on the French market with the precise aim of addressing increasingly specific needs stemming from the creative flair of architects, interior decorators and designers whose task is not only to make the large areas in shopping centres, offices and other buildings welcoming and comfortable, but also attractive.

This is what Leclerc had in mind for its Altkirch centre. In Eiffelgres' Pietralavica Brown and Pietralavica Darkgrey products it found the perfect answer to two very different problems: a suitable type of flooring for areas subject to heavy foot traffic, such as galleries, and food departments, where trolleys with heavy loads are used.
Hence, not only a question of exceptional technical quality, but also an aesthetic appeal studied right down to the last detail. Auchan, for example, opted for Bianco Luna, Delfin Coto and Samarcanda for its Poitier shopping centre, its choice from three different collections leading to a highly original result. Super U, on the other hand, focused on just two shades in the same material (Pietralavica Chocolate and Pietralavica Starwhite) for its Thouars shopping centre, and succeeded in creating the first shopping centre in compliance with France's stringent environmental legislation.

To provide France's architects, designers and decorators with ongoing support Eiffelgres has developed a capillary network across the country, focusing on wholesale distributors of materials for major construction. In fact projects designed to accommodate the public at large represent around 80% of construction operations that use Eiffelgres products. Large shopping centres, banks, hotels and shops as well as hospitals and even an army base, are the main building types. They also make for an effective showcase given the fact that since their construction many architects have elected to include the same products in residential contexts as well. The underlying theme of all these projects is modern, contemporary style, coupled with the unique technical features of Eiffelgres' products.

The products of the Fiorano Modenese-based firm have in actual fact passed the stringent tests set by France's Ministry of Internal Affairs and thanks to these characteristics, the company was chosen as the supplier for the construction of military buildings in Paris. So, it is quality that gives rise to a privileged dialogue with architects, who are aware that they can count on the same characteristics in all of Eiffelgres' materials and, for this very reason, are broadening their range of use for products and exploring new fields of application.