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Eiffelgres & Citroën

A great commercial success and a prestigious new reference for Eiffelgres.

French automobile maker Citroën chose tiles from Eiffelgres’ PIETRALAVICA collection for the restyling of its international showroom, combining the excellence of Italian style in top of the range interior finishes with the talent for automobile design of France’s number one automobile maker.

Founded in 1919 by André Citroën, the well-known automobile maker in the PSA Peugeot Citroën group has always been the pride and joy of French industry for the creativity and advanced technologies that go into its production.
The same ingredients have allowed Eiffelgres to rise to a prestigious position among makers of porcelain stoneware in the Modena area in only a few years.

Eiffelgres and Citroën have always stood out for environmental awareness in their respective industries.
After the 1995 electric AX, the first milestone demonstrating the double chevron’s commitment to the environment, the commercial launch of the anti-particulate filter and the “Stop&Start”, the company now sets the standard for reduction of polluting emissions with the Airdream brand.
At the same time, Eiffelgres started out with ISO 14001 certification and went on to achieve ANAB building biology certification, NF-UPEC, and now membership in the Green Building Council of Italy, recognising its values in the Leed construction system (percentage of recycled material used in production, 40% by weight).
And so it only makes sense that the backdrop for the Citroën range should be the Darkgrey, Pearlgrey and Brown hues from the Pietralavica collection by Italian company Eiffelgres, inspired by the genius of Alexander-Gustave Eiffel: a man who produced designs on an immense scale that fit harmoniously into their setting. Eiffelgres has already been installed in Citroën showrooms the world over.

Eiffelgres, a division of the Iris Ceramica Spa group, is honoured to show off the sophisticated technology and great value of Citroën’s cars with its technical porcelain stoneware.
Pietralavica was chosen over numerous competing products as a modern, contemporary material with a particular vocation for use in public places requiring easy to clean flooring that can bear high stress. All this with, of course, an immediate aesthetic impact representing an evolution of natural lava, with the softness of gentle curved lines to add motion to its surface and create subtle reflections.

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