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From advertising graphics to the appearance of company spaces and the final form of a product, a brand with a recognisable, consistent style is the best guarantee of product quality and reliability in the consumer’s eye. The AEG technicians in Berlin already knew this in the early twentieth century when they appointed P. Behrens to produce the company’s first catalogues and brochures, later assigning him the task of designing its workspaces and showrooms as well as a number of its products. And Adriano Olivetti knew this in Ivrea in the nineteen-thirties, when, with the aid of prominent personalities on the arts scene of his day, he introduced a true concept of market image for his company’s products.

When Eiffelgres approaches the design of an apparently simple item such as a General Catalogue, it is aware how important brand image is for prestige, and this is why the company pursues its goals for aesthetic and technical quality every year, backed up by professionals with skills in a variety of areas.

The Eiffelgres 2010 Catalogue is different from the catalogues of previous years in format, for it is no longer rectangular but almost square in shape, and in the fact that it is divided into two separate volumes: a General Catalogue and an Art&Work Catalogue. The two are contained in a cloth-covered case intended for the desk or library. Both the General Catalogue, containing all the technical information on Eiffelgres porcelain stoneware collections, plus countless images of floors and walls, and Art&Work, dedicated entirely to the great variety of laser or water jet cut decorations available assembled on mesh backing, have a white cover which folds over with an inside flap. The model on which the two volumes and their box are based is the art book.

Clear, easy to find information makes for a good catalogue, while attention to detail, balanced forms, and identification and connotation of specific stylistic forms make it an object of design.

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