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New Catalogue 2013

The 2013 Eiffelgres Catalogue based on a design by Mauro Bellei features new graphics designed to make it quick and easy to locate collections and information of interest.
The leitmotif of the new design is a line which starts on the cover and goes into the catalogue, running through its pages to join together the various sections making up the catalogue - Estyle, Estone, laser and water jet cut decorations, Megamicro panels –  now all contained in a single volume.
As a geometric figure, the line is what defines the shape of an object, in this case a porcelain tile, or its outline; but it can also be a very subtle mark laser engraved on its surface.
The line represents a tension which becomes a design. It is the starting point for the collections included in Estyle, the mark made by an action that makes the past legible in slabs of Estone, inspired by natural stones.
A line which, however narrow, still has a minimum thickness, like Megamicro, the collection including the world’s biggest high-tech ceramic tiles, which are however ultra-thin, almost like a line when seen in profile.
The line is also an abstract concept with a tangible meaning. Eiffelgres has its own line defining its identity: a line combining creativity with technology and ecology, the elements inspiring and creating the qualities of its products.

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