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Eiffelgres and bio-architecture

If we are to achieve economic, social and environmental development that's sustainable for the capacities of our planet, it means that everyone must do his bit towards attaining this goal. It's a slow and difficult process in which Eiffelgres has always believed, experimenting, right from the start, with new environmentally sound materials without neglecting quality or attractive looks. The Eiffelgres professionals aim to become part of a system that functions in a balanced way with the environment, one with man's needs as its goal, able to satisfy the requirements of Earth's current inhabitants without limiting those of the future generations by indiscriminately consuming resources and causing pollution. Thus the materials produced by Eiffelgres have developed according to the guide-lines of bio-ecological architecture, which adds fundamental principles like respect for life and the environment to the art of building.

Ecology, i.e. the balance between constructed environment and nature; biology, thus protection of the health; functionality, meaning adequacy of the performance requirements: Eiffelgres products conform to all these parameters. According to the principles of bio-architecture, choosing materials that do not pollute and that do not harm man's health is not enough. These products must also be obtained through non-polluting processes. They must be made with renewable, possibly natural, raw materials that are long-lasting, easily recyclable and that can be disassembled. Moreover, it is important for the techniques employed to save on energy during the manufacturing phase. Eiffelgres has invested men and resources in research into eco-efficient materials that really comply with these principles, without neglecting the quality, performance or design of its products. This is why the Eiffelgres environment-friendly ceramic products have obtained ANAB-ICEA certification, testifying to their sustainability and compliance with the dictates of bio-architecture.
Thus, respect for the environment, sustainable development and protection of the health are part of our engineering culture, with man and nature our prime concerns.;

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