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Ventilated facades

Eiffelgres porcelain stoneware possesses ideal characteristics for use on ventilated walls. This sort of building method is becoming increasingly more popular thanks to its thermoinsulation and soundproofing properties as well as its energy saving advantages.

Simple to build, a ventilated wall consists of an external face, an air chamber and an aluminium substructure. It is the gap formed between the wall and the external face, about 5 cm in width, that allows efficient natural ventilation to develop and creates the so-called stack effect. This eliminates the surface condensation, reduces energy consumption by eliminating the heat channels and lowers the thermal load in summer, increasing the heat retained inside the building in winter while attenuating the noise outdoors to a remarkable extent.

The external face of the ventilated wall usually consists of ceramic tiles in a large format and contributes towards the efficiency of the construction to a large extent. The ceramic materials used must be able to withstand the weather conditions. They must be light-fast despite being permanently exposed to the sun and must also possess extremely low absorption and abrasion levels. Use of a high-performance ceramic product achieves an attractive looking wall as well as providing decidedly interesting functional results. Without forgetting how easily and safely a ventilated wall can be installed: the various components are “dry mounted” on site without adhesives. This reduces the risk of splitting and detaching. The entire building is consequently protected against adverse weather conditions, while interventions and servicing work can be carried out on each tile individually.

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